These are forums run by KiCad users for the general KiCad community to ask questions and help each other.

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English (most active)


kicad subreddit


EEVblog Forum KiCAD Section


El foro de KiCad en castellano

Chinese (中文论坛)

KiCad on


These are websites that have KiCad content. They may or may not have forums but can still be very helpful.

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Want to get your site listed?

Submit a pull-request to the kicad website repository as long as you meet the following conditions:

  • Your site must be open and cannot charge for access

  • You do not misrepresent yourself as being an official KiCad entity

  • There is a primary focus on KiCad content. i.e. your personal blog that has some KiCad related posts is not valid, a forum dedicated to KiCad or a blog only with kicad posts does

  • You accept your site can be removed from listing at any time at the discretion of the KiCad website maintainers